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paige11302013_009Hi, I’m Paige! I was born and raised in southern Indiana and eventually went away to college at Indiana University. I transferred back home to play softball and after graduating, I followed the usual “becoming an adult” path, I got a job, started saving money, and of course tried to find the right guy. While we were dating we got a surprise…I was pregnant!

We were both scared but very excited and 34 1/2 weeks later came our first child, Maxwell Wilson Lieberman . He was born premature due to my severe pre-eclampsia that showed up at my 34 week appointment. He surpassed all of the doctors expectations and by his 2 month check-up Maxwell was on the same path as a full term baby. We were very relieved.
Sadly, this is where my story takes a turn, and it’s not a pleasant one. It’s a mother’s worst fear. Our beautiful son Maxwell passed away in his sleep a couple days before his 4 month check up and I was the one who found him. The autopsy showed nothing, so it was ruled as SIDS ( a term I have come to despise). As you can imagine we were in a state of shock and suffered indescribable grief that we continue to work through every day.

In June 2013 we found out we were pregnant with our 2nd child. I think this was the first time Mark and I felt genuine happiness since our loss. We thought of this baby as a gift from God as well as from our son Maxwell. (Yes, I know how babies are made!) They decided to bless us with a beautiful baby girl, and I gave birth to Emery Claire in March. She was, thankfully, full term at 41 weeks and is perfectly healthy.

Mark and I have been talking a lot lately about everything we’ve been through and now that some of the fog has lifted we want to do as much as possible to honor Maxwell and try to help others. We have done the March of Dimes walk for 2 years now and continue to raise money for such a wonderful cause. But I wanted to do more. I wanted to reach more people who may have gone through something similar or just want to feel more connected to those who have gone through it, so I decided to create this blog. I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m supposed to use this tragedy to help others through their grief, whatever their loss may be and even if no one ends up reading this blog I will have at least helped one person: Myself. So with all that said, 2 years of my life summed up in a handful of paragraphs (kind of sad); happy reading. 🙂